5 Reasons to Embrace Estate Planning

Some of us are familiar enough with the phrase “estate plan” to know we’d rather not discuss the subject.  Besides the headache of paperwork, estate planning can bring up some uncomfortable topics for you and your family. Things we usually avoid talking about, like end-of-life decisions and incapacitation, are confronted head-on by an estate plan.

You may be tempted to avoid the task of estate planning, in hopes of sparing yourself hard conversations. But it turns out, the feelings behind such tough choices are actually a reason to embrace the process, and tackle your estate plan now, not later. Here are five ways why planning for your death or disability can actually bring you peace of mind and security, and ease your emotional burden:  

1. Estate planning creates stability in times of loss

If you end up in a state of incapacity, it’s guaranteed to be a difficult time for your family. If your estate plan doesn’t include instructions on how to proceed during such an event, things are guaranteed to be even worse. You can save your loved ones from the confusion of what to do if this occurs, allowing them to save their energy for processing the situation.

2. Comprehensive estate plans keep emotional matters private

Detailed, trust-based estate planning keeps your private matters out of the public eye. When your estate plan is scant — such as a simple will — you’re running the risk of your estate going through court procedures, called probate. Personal choices then become visible to those outside your inner circle. This can invite controversy and conflict, which could be avoided when settled out of court.

3. Estate planning can bring a family together

Everyone has heard of siblings arguing over what their parents leave behind. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can show your children and loved ones how much you care, by involving them in your estate planning process. Creating your estate plan can strengthen bonds, and serve as a reminder of those bonds in years to come.

4. Your estate is about much more than money

Estate planning is about a whole lot more than just money. During an estate planning session, you can talk about significant family heirlooms, your hard-won hobby collection, and other matters totally unique to your life. We can even look into memorabilia and intellectual property you want your beneficiaries to receive, such as photos, art, and recorded videos or audio files.  When you plan with Sundance Law Group, you have access to our ValuesSecure program.  We’ll conduct and record a ValuesSecure interview with you, using questions you have reviewed and approved in advance.  Examples of interview questions include:

• What are you most proud of in your life? 

• Which important lessons did you learn from your parents?

• What teachings do you want to pass on to your kids and grandkids?

• Which warnings would you give your descendents? 

• What qualities do you admire about each of your children? 

We transfer a copy of this interview to a thumbdrive, and place it with your estate planning documents, so it will be easy to find when needed. You can find comfort knowing that, when difficult times arise, you’ll have passed on your wisdom and love to those you hold most dear.    

5. An estate plan means you’re not going it alone

You shouldn’t have to face trying times alone. Your estate planning attorney will have the answers. Let us take care of the nuts and bolts of the process, so you can know that your family will be in good hands if anything happens to you. The idea of setting everything straight on your own can be a stressful one, but these emotional decisions are much easier to make with a trusted advisor by your side.

We want you to feel ownership and investment in getting your estate plan to reflect who you are. Estate planning can be an uncomfortable task, but also an opportunity to look at some of life’s big questions. Ultimately, you can make sure your family feels your love through the choices you make. Give us a call today to see how we can create custom-made solutions which do just that.

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